søndag den 1. april 2012

Danish puppet theatre in Pakistan

The little angels were performing a very fine dance for us.

My memory card cheated me, so I do not have any pics from that day. Fortunately my good friend Abdul Majid has send me a big load, so I can tell about our performance at Faisalabad Arts Council. Abdul is the photographer of the Arts Council.

Here is one of Annes two puppets, the main figures of the workshop.

Anne was teaching a few of the kids. They were very interested.

'Oh, this is exiting! I would like to try much more.'

'We are good friends.'

Anne with new friends.

And then we were interviewed by Radio Pakistan.

Anne Nøjgaard from Theatre Lampe

Karen Mohr Sokkelund

Jonas 'Snöleoparden' Stampe

It's me sitting on the ground.

The kids had a great time.

Many thanks to Abdul Majid for a lot of fine pictures. I take the chance to appear one more time. It does not happen very often.
We all hope to come back soon.

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