fredag den 4. februar 2011

نداء عاجل لإسعاف المصابين بالتحرير

Jeg faldt over en egyptisk blog på arabisk, fransk & engelsk. Den ser ud som den er lavet til internt kommunikation og giver et meget godt billede af hvad der foregår:
Her ser det dog stadigt fredeligt ud
"the army is withdrawing from Tahrir square and the peaceful Protestants are left to be brutalized by the thugs coming from the direction of People Assembly , they are carrying knifes and daggers and they trapped the square but not Bab el loq enternce
in the clashes , some thugs were injured , the peaceful protesters transferred them to the mosque , the thugs felt ashamed and they confessed that they were hired by parliamentarian
of the constituency Nazla el Seman and his name is Gamal el Gabry.
The Army tanks gave leeway to the protest supporting Mubarak and didn't intervene in the fights between protesters.
The entrances taken over by thugs are: Abdel Mon'em Riad Sq., Bab El-Louk and Talaat Harb St.
everyone who is trying to get out of Tahrir Sq. is being violated by thugs from the protest supporting Mubarak"

Du kan læse mere, se billeder og videoer her:

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